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Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Saint John’s parish in St. Petersburg

Worship in Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Saint John’s parish in St. Petersburg is held in Estonian St. John’s Church located at 54-a Dekabristov Street.

Worship services are held twice a month on Sundays, in Estonian language.

The service starts at 14.30. – See the timetable of worship service

The rector of the parish and the chairperson of the parish council is Arri Kugappi, the bishop of the Church of Ingria, and the deputy chairperson of the parish council is Külli Sulg.

The parish is directed by the priests of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Enn Salveste and Arkho Tukhru in concelebration of Vladimir Batukhtin and missionary deacon Hannu Keskinen.

An Estonian-Finnish family, Hannu and Lilian Keskinen, missions in the parish.

To arrange a meeting, confirmation lessons, baptism and discuss other issues you can call Hannu Keskinen on the mobile: 8 921 9834012.

Children’s Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School opened on 13.10.2013 for children aged 4 and older. The lessons are held in the premises of the parish during the time of the worship. At Sunday School, children play game, engage in creative activities, singing and storytelling, and by doing so, they learn about the Bible stories, holy days and prayers. Lessons are held in two languages – Estonian and Russian, which gives parents an opportunity to introduce the child to Estonian language.

The lessons in the Sunday School are taught by Liliann Keskinen (mobile phone 8 921 9834013).



1787 — Worship service in Estonian Language started in St. Petersburg.

1842 — Independent Estonian Saint John’s parish was established.

16 May 1843 — Church building of St. John’s parish in Drovyanoy Pereulok was consecrated.

10 January 1844 — Parish school was opened in St. John’s parish.

3 July 1858 — Approval of the architectural design of St. John’s parish and the house for the clergy.

24 June 1859 — Foundation stone ceremony at the building site of St. John’s Church and the house for the clergy in Ofitserskaya Street.

27 November 1860 — Ceremonial consecration of St. John’s Church.

1893 — Construction of the building for orphanage and school with St. John’s parish.

1909-1911 — Construction of a commercial apartment building in St. John’s parish.

Beginning of the 1930-s — St. John’s Church was closed, reconstruction of the church building started.

19 December 1993 — The first Estonian worship service after a long break in the Lutheran Church in Koltushi, Estonian parish in St. Petersburg was restored.

1995 — Registration of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Saint John’s parish in St. Petersburg.

1997 — The building of St. John’s Church was transferred to the uncompensated use of the parish.

27 November 1999 — First event was held aimed at the reconstruction of the church.

20 December, 1999 — Charity Fund of St. John’s Church was established.

25 November, 2000 — Celebration of the 140th Anniversary of St. John’s Church, first worship service in the restored parish in St. John’s Church.

August-September, 2001 — A big prayer hall and premises of the Sunday school and Estonian language courses were opened; the church building was connected to electricity and telephone service.

2001-2004 — Regular worship and cultural events were held in St. John’s Church.

6 April, 2002 — Solemn worship service and concert were held in honor of 85th Anniversary of Estonia’s becoming autonomous.

May 2003 — Visitors examined the condition of St. John’s Church building as a part of a program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg (among the visitors were U. Paet, the Minister of Culture, and A. Mäe, director of Eesti Kontsert).

5 June 2003 — Address from St. John’s parish (K. Sulg) and the Fund of St. John’s Church (J. Trey) to the Estonian Government (J. Parts, T. Palts, U. Paet) and Committee on Culture with the Estonian Parliament on the need to repair St. John’s Church building.

17 June 2003 — J. Parts, the Prime Minister of Estonia, responded that the issue had been referred for consideration to U. Paet, the Minister of Culture.

June 2003 – The Fund of Saint John’s Church submitted documents related to the repairs of the church building (sketch plan, historical profile, etc.) to the Ministry of Culture and Eesti Kontsert for inspection.

8 July 2004 — A committee was established to coordinate design and restoration works in Saint John’s Church.

25 October 2004 — The Head of Terms in respect of St. John’s Church restoration were executed between Saint John’s parish, Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Ministry of Culture of Estonia.

2004 — The building of Saint John’s Church was closed due to the preparation for remedial works; worship starts at the temporary address in the Hall of St. Mary’s Church Office (Bolshaya Konushennaya St., 8).

2008 — Contractor agreement for the construction executed between Eesti Kontsert and Facio Ehituse AS.

12 March, 2009 — Remedial work started in St. John’s Church.

6-7 March, 2010 — Belfry spire was constructed and the cross was consecrated.

29 March, 2010 — Quadripartite agreement was concluded (RE Eesti Kontsert, Bank DnB Nord A/S, AS LHV Pank, Facio Ehituse AS) on the financing of the II phase.

20 February, 2011 — Ceremonial opening and consecration of St. John’s Church.